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YouTube rage
Posted: 6 December 2006

Video of teacher rant gets students in trouble. 'A school in Quebec, Canada, has banned personal electronic devices in the classroom after students videotaped a teacher yelling at a student and the footage ended up on YouTube. Two 13-year-old girls have been suspended for their involvement in the incident at Ecole Secondaire Mont-Bleu, according to the CBC report. And the teacher has taken a stress leave from work.'

Watch that phone hanging from your employee's neck - it's a webcam!
Dateline: 19 April 2008
In the UK, Big Brother is watching, and shouting at you. Dutch TV is hounding someone caught sunbathing topless on Google Earth - so everyone now knows where she lives. WayMarkr provides software which automatically snaps your every move on your camera phone and sends it to your blog. So why are we surprised that every phone these days is a potential spy camera, recording and displaying ...
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