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The naked truth about United
Posted: 12 April 2017

The truth is United Airlines still hasn't learned the lesson of Naked Leadership - you can't hide from the market, and certainly not in this hyper-connected world of personal media. As Stephen Moore points out in this linked article, the entire United debacle could have been avoided, by simply having an intelligent, empowered and empathetic approach to dealing with a situation. A situation that the customer had no part in creating!

Instead, United used a heavy-handed 'rule book' approach to forcing their internal policies on their customers, and lost. To the tune of $800 million on their stock value. It would have been cheaper to pay $10,000 to a volunteer to give up their seat. And the PR disaster that followed, with the CEO at first defending his employees rather than rushing to apologise to the customer. Finally, as the truth hit home, United CEO Oscar Munoz apologized unreservedly, calling the incident horrific. He has handed his competitors the ultimate marketing weapon - they only have to promise to never 'bump' a passenger involuntarily, ever.

This reminds me so much of the BP Oil Spill and Toyota Tangle public media fiascos of a few years ago. When will big companies realise that, as we say in our MindBullet below, "We're all naked now!"

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12 April 2017
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