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Virus as vehicle for implant
Posted: 9 June 2008

Very close to the idea of "Gene Therapy" where a "normal" gene is inserted into the genome; however this "nono-reactors" do not correcting defective genes, but rather chang properties of current "normal" genes.
This "nano-reactors" could be a inbetween step for the current opsticals that Gene Therapy faces.

Gene therapy potentially represents one of the most important developments to occur in medicine - See:

Boost insulin, treat cancer, even change your skin colour without DNA
Dateline: 7 July 2019
Meier Inc of Switzerland have launched their new range of body upgrades just in time for the summer holiday season. You won't need sunblock - a simple injection provides built-in skin protection, or the ability to vary your tan like a chameleon. What makes these upgrades revolutionary is the fact that they use no genetic manipulations whatsoever. The cells of the body have internal ...
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