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Tesla in space! Just stand by!!
Posted: 6 February 2018

Stand by for the world's powerful rocket launch tomorrow (Wednesday 07 February 2018) as Elon Musk hits the button to send the Falcon Heavy into space - powered by 27 engines delivering thrust equal to 18 Boeing 747s.
And apart from being a visionary, what a showman Musk is! Guess 'who' the passenger is? A spacesuited dummy sitting casually at the wheel of a Tesla roadster!
Musk himself admits there is risk and the launch might catastrophically fail - but just watch this animation to see the breath of his vision, and how he has slashed the cost of space flights by making the booster rockets reusable. Inspirational stuff!

SpaceX animation sets the scene for Falcon Heavy launch tomorrow
6 February 2018
This time tomorrow Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster may well be hurtling towards Mars after being fired into space by the world's most powerful operational rocket. An animation shared by the company shows how this spectacular journey will play out should everything go to plan.
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