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Busting the fantasy of self-driving cars
Posted: 5 April 2019

"There’s nothing inevitable about autonomous vehicles. In fact, the fantasy of driverless cars has been failing for longer than you think. We’ve devoted plenty of time and money to the driverless delusion. In 50 years, we’ll likely regret spending so much on this futile, antisocial endeavor. It’s time to collectively say no to the fantasy of the driverless car and invest in making our existing transportation systems better. Instead of spending billions on an imaginary world, let’s fund the world we already have."

Computers can also make mistakes
Dateline: 22 March 2022
Your driverless car does have a driver, but it's not human, it's a machine; or rather, a system, including bits of hardware and software, and things to make them operate independently and together. If it sounds pretty complicated, that's because modern automated systems are. In fact, if it wasn't for the sophistication of electronic components and their advanced programmability, we wouldn't ...
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