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Retirement? Forget it
Posted: 16 August 2007

There are few competent technical resources in the age group 30 to 45.Companies that persist in the mandatory retirement age of 65 will only shoot themselves in the foot. In our own organisation we have extremely competent engineers in the 60 plus age group several of whom have selected their lifestyle to balance work and leisure by working as contractors rather than permanent employees and selecting the hours that they work. With the increasingly affordable IT technology to work from home or the virtual office this trend can only increase and it is the wise company management that capitalises on it to use the grey beards to mentor and train the younger engineers and technical managers.

Furore as the EU scraps the mandatory retirement age as anachronistic and unaffordable
Dateline: Tuesday 7th December, 2010
The European Union debate over Europe’s pension deficit and the mandatory retirement age has been one of the fiercest in its history. Last night, insults were exchanged across the floor amidst a chaotic scene at the EU Parliament in Brussels, as mem-bers debated the scrapping of the mandatory retirement age. The bill was narrowly passed. Politicians arguing for abolition cited two key ...
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