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3D printing of stem cells
Posted: 8 February 2013

Two key technologies - stem cells and 3D printing - come together. What does this mean for mankind? Could we live to 120 and beyond? Do we want to? What are the implications for work and retirement, for welath, for population, for the divide between rich and poor? These kind of breakthroughs are the reality of the world we live in - how are you preparing yourself and your business to understand this future - and then design and create the future you want?

Printable organs? Breakthrough: 3D-printed stem cells | SmartPlanet
8 February 2013
Researchers claim that they have cracked the code when it comes to using 3D printing to create stem cells — so what happens next?
Personal stem cell medicine comes of age with Organs-R-Us IPO
Dateline: 15 May 2012
Hot science has suddenly become consumer mainstream. Yesterday's IPO of Organs-R-Us, based in San Diego, has mapped out the future of medicine and ...
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