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3D printing new genes
Posted: 21 February 2018

The future of genetic modification is designing genomes on a computer, then fabricating them through a synthetic chemical process. At least that's what MIT is suggesting in this article, and why it's important for industrial innovation.

And that's exactly the scenario contained in our MindBullet from 2012, when everything is digital, and you can just email or download your genetic information, the software of life.

In the future we won’t edit genomes—we’ll just print out new ones
21 February 2018
Why redesigning the humble yeast could kick off the next industrial revolution.
And we'll mend them and send them right back - by email
Dateline: 15 August 2022
Now that the bio-replicator is a reality, it is easy to transfer biological fragments from place to place - electronically! In fact, you can send the code ...
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