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Viral marketing and network science tell a new story
Posted: 9 October 2013

In our ubiquitously connected world, the power of networks is clear but how we understand that power is still in its nascent stages. From viral marketing to beyond collaboration as we know it, the power of network science will steadily unfold and offer immense value to those that understand how to capture the business opportunities inherent in the new system of connectedness.

Viral Marketing Successfully Modeled By Network Theorists | MIT Technology Review
9 October 2013
Network models famously fail to capture the dynamics of many real-world marketing campaigns. Now computer scientists say they’ve solved the problem.
Networks collapse as Machine-to-Machine app connects users
Dateline: 16 June 2012
The source of a viral Application giving smartphone users free connectivity was revealed at the World Broadband Conference today. It is a rogue App using ...
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