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Commercial aviation in trouble
Posted: 5 September 2006

There is no doubt in my mind that some people are going to start thinking twice about travelling by air, especially with major improvements in wireless communication, VOIP, and virtual conferencing. As it is flying regularly is more of a bane than a pleasure. High speed trains are also staring to look attractive in places like Europe, Japan & China. The aviation industry is going to have to dig deep to find solutions to their growing number of problems and to find ways to keep attracting customers. The alternatives are catching up and diversifying - good news for customers, bad news for aviation businesses.

Passengers demonstrate against new travel elite
Dateline: 20 May 2007
"It's discrimination and it's un-American!" So says Elizabeth Negroponte of the American Association for Civil Liberties. Over the past two months a new travel elite has emerged. If a passenger chooses to volunteer and join the 'Super-Passport' queue at major airline departure points around the world, they are treated with the kind of respect normally accorded to visiting heads of state and ...
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