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A few concerns
Posted: 15 April 2007

My biggest problem with H2 is that it is only an energy carrier. You still need a primary energy source to generate H2 and this MB doesn't answer that question, which is probably the most important. The carbon footprint of the primary fuel is one key issue. There are energy losses with each conversion process and so even though fuel cells have high efficiencies (currently in the lab) it doesn't take the full energy chain into account. High pressure H2 storage alone isn't sufficient for vehicles - the "tank distance" is too small.

CNG is still a fossil fuel and still has GHG problems, even though it is better than diesel (because of the lower Carbon/hydrogen ratio). The % improvement depends on the conversion technology used, efficiency and optimization. Energy used for compression (to turn NG into CNG) is often not taken into account. Natural gas fields reach production peaks and fissle out much faster than oil fields. Maintaining sustainable supplies is a massive challenge.
LPG cannot realistically replace diesel because a barrel of oil has diesel & LPG fractions in it. To make LPG you will still get a large diesel fraction. If you only use LPG then you need to export all the diesel (large market to find & expensive). SOFC's are not suitable for transport because they generate a lot of heat (high T FC).
It's very difficult to address all these issues in one MB.

Europe appears to be left on the fringe of a new green revolution
Dateline: 10 January 2009
Less than a year after China’s bold move to marginalize fossil fuels, India and the USA have released similar strategies, within hours of each other. This seems to leave Europe on the fringe of the new clean air revolution, after having championed a green future for decades. Dr. Chetan Maini, India’s minister of energy and transportation, launched Project Green/Blue in Mumbai last night with ...
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