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Posted: 30 May 2006

One of the challenges I am always faced with is how to make something sound convincing enough without being accused of science-fiction or fantasy. This is a lovely idea, but is a bit close to fantasy - even if it is dated way out in the 2020-30's. I'd believe the "breathing fire" part only if it was developed and funded by the military!

GeneTech sounds too commercial to get involved in diabolical creations like this. I don't think the unicorn is too far fetched and I can imagine another timeline item like this: "In 2014 GeneTech brought you the Unicorn Mark I" (very close to a horse) and then explain how a "genejump" and a few new breakthrough techniques helped to develop the non-horse side of the creature into more of a fantasy product. For example, the horse could have wings, be called Pegasus - but the wings aren't functional and probably never will be unless there is another serious breakthrough.


GeneTech's new fantasy pets set the world on fire
Dateline: 8 July 2025
It was a scene out of some fantasy epic that greeted Reginald Dobbs as he arrived home last night. His house was on fire and a dragon was perched on the roof, belching flames. It looked embarrassed. “It’s my fault,” said Dobbs. “He gets lonely when I’m away too long and misbehaves.” This is one of a new breed of fantasy pets created by GeneTech based on mythological creatures. The Green ...
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