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Transgenic Slide in Ethics
Posted: 25 August 2006

This MB hits one of the classic dilemmas of genetic engineering right on the head. There are many potentially ethical issues and it is realisations like this that make the points most effectively. The closer to the bone, the harder it hits home. The challenge is to find a balance between the beneficial attributes of technology and the other side of the coin (unintended negative consequences or blatant abuse).

'Human' flesh back on the menu as 'long pig' re-classified as pork
Dateline: 15 October 2027
Queues at McDonalds are undiminished today. "It tastes good and it's not like they're real people," says seven-year-old Anita Jeffries. Fourteen years ago scientists at Genzyme unveiled a transgenic pig. Every organ of the pig can be used as substitutes for human organs in transplant operations. These pigs revolutionized surgery and dramatically extended lives, while reducing medical cost ...
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