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This weekend has been busy one...
Posted: 14 April 2008

...with many UK papers commenting on China and the world attitude to their hosting the Olympic games, none of it very positive!

The Observer: Edward Cody in Sahnghai - "In July 2001 China said: 'if we win the Olympics, we will make progress on the promotion of human rights', but now human rights activists face brutal persecution."

Catherine Bennett - "At least the torch tour is shedding a light on Olympic hypocrisy. This is a traditional blend of hokum and shameless national propaganda"

Vicious new wars at home and abroad
Dateline: 2 May 2020
"The Chinese are the new boers!" screamed a May Day rally poster in last night's CNN webcast from South Africa's resource heartland. Hundreds of thousands of workers have downed tools in the mining and financial services industries over the past week and the strikes don't look like they will end any time soon. Reminiscent of the Tibetan uprisings that started in 2008 the Chinese in ...
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