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Fusion's future
Posted: 15 August 2014

This nuclear fusion startup isn't trying to recreate cold fusion experiments. Instead they think that their reactor engine can create hot fusion in one-second cycles, generating a net gain of electric current. The problem with fusion energy, it's always a decade away, even in a decade. I think cheap solar will beat fusion power in the next decade, but who knows?

"At the scale they’re designing for, the team thinks that it will have significant price advantages once they go to market. Their design collects charged particles with each pulse, meaning it can generate electricity without having to construct a pricey turbine in addition to the reactor. The reactor is fueled by deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen that is abundant in sea water, making it more affordable than truckloads of diesel."

Y Combinator And Mithril Invest In Helion, A Nuclear Fusion Startup | TechCrunch
15 August 2014
Building a nuclear fusion reactor that can generate more energy than is put in to make it work is one of the biggest challenges facing engineers today. ...
It’s the start of a new low energy nuclear revolution
Dateline: 5 June 2014
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