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Is Boomf a flashbrand?
Posted: 3 November 2014

A new startup in the UK combines digital info with edible gifts, and calls it "Boomf". This sounds like the type of pop-up company we talked about in the attached MindBullet.

But maybe they will surprise us all and prove to be more sustainable.

(Thanks to Anton Musgrave for the link)

3 November 2014
Boomf, Magical Mallows
Pop-up companies the new breed of corporate entity for innovateurs
Dateline: 7 August 2018
It all started with flashmobs and food trucks. Flashmobs, self-organizing groups of people who congregated around a temporary idea, vanished into plain ...
Neil Jacobsohn Just bought my first Boomf marshmellows in London - from their pop-up stand in Selfridges in Oxford Street...lots of interest from people passing through, but time will tell.
Posted: 5 November 2014 at 14:51
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