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Scary- Pilotless plane
Posted: 6 January 2011

Don't think so. Pilot's either in the plane or using remote control on the ground. Pilot in the plane has more accountability, it's his life too. I will not be flying with an empty cockpit. What is the point of a so called "pilotless plane". Unlike a ground moving vehicle they can't just stop and wait.???????????????

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Boeing Buys Bombardier as Air Travel Goes SmallBoeing last month outlined their view of the future: pilotless small planes that can land at any local airport, even without air traffic control. "We see Avis and Hertz being our biggest customers within a decade," says one Boeing executive. No more large unmanageable airport hubs - just point-to-point personal air travel, at prices to match the ...
Wolfgang Grulke The technology of pilot-less drones has come a long way, NASA's new developments and breakthroughs on small jets by firms such as Bombardier already make all this feasible, if still very expensive.

Anyone who travels through the US airport-hubs nightmare regularly will immediately see the value of this new model for the passenger.

Have a read of one of our older MindBullets titled "Hertz voted the world's #1 airline" and see the links to a few books on this subject.
Posted: 7 January 2011 at 16:58
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