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Food, fuel and inflation
Posted: 16 August 2011

Living in a highly connected world means you certainly get the news instantly - whether it's bad or good. But it seems that each new crisis that arises promises even darker days ahead; from famine in Somalia to looting in London, debt in Europe to inflation in Asia.

Food and fuel will always be key concerns in social and economic terms. We can't pursue 'normal' lives without them. Global food prices are approaching an all time high, last seen three years ago, while oil is remaining buoyant, despite the spectre of a double-dip recession. Will the scenario depicted in this MindBullet be upstaged by current events, or will one of those black swans hatching in the labs completely change the ground rules? Either way, we are faced with radical challenges, which require more radical solutions, and not more business as usual.

GM corn being developed for fuel instead of food
16 August 2011
Campaigners say plants being grown in US may worsen global food crisis, while farmers express cross-contamination fears
Millions of automobiles and western lifestyles push China's consumption beyond sustainable limits. It's another '70s style stagflation scenario.
Dateline: 25 August 2017
Even as computers and electronic devices become as cheap as the value of their waste components, prices are rocketing up for gasoline, diesel and food ...
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