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How will we measure future corporate success? Metrics need a recalibration!
Posted: 16 July 2018

We have been positing for years that corporate success sin the future will be forced to shift form pure quantitative financial performance to incorporate wider societal impact - WAY beyond CSI and balanced Scorecard type initiatives. The pressure on rampant and greedy capitalism is growing - business needs to think about this deeply before its too late. We need to retain capitalism's recognition and fair reward for innovation, job creation, wealth creation, risk, capital provision etc. but we can no longer sit idly by and allow the massive over reward for often sub par performances by leaders to go unchallenged. Its time!

Larry Fink, CEO of $6.3 trillion manager BlackRock, just sent a warning letter to CEOs everywhere
16 July 2018
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink just sent a warning shot to CEOs across the world: start accounting for the societal impact of your companies.
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