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Print me a body part!
Posted: 22 February 2011

We've been talking about 3D printing as a technology of the future for some years now, including a series of MindBullets we've published. It's one thing to print inanimate objects like machine parts or shoes - but quite another to print biological tissue. The technology is evolving fast...

Like an inkjet printer, biological materials can be printed at home
22 February 2011
I spent the weekend in Washington D.C. at the AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting. One of the most talked about events was the conversation about bioprinting. It ...
No more paper or ink, but everything else goes
Dateline: 17 June 2012
I spent a frustrating few days at the World Printing Industry Showcase in Beijing this weekend. As an old-timer of the printing industry, I simply didn't ...
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