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Rebuilding the earth
Posted: 15 March 2019

A decade ago - yes in 2009! - we speculated in MindBullets that climate change could be 'fixed' with geoengineering, but we also warned against unintended (harmful) consequences. Now a new study says it can be done safely, using "small doses". We remain unconvinced that tinkering with atmospheric and solar systems is a good idea.

Small Doses Of Solar Geoengineering Could Safely Cool Earth's Warming Climate, Study Finds
15 March 2019
A new study found that injecting small doses of aerosol into the stratosphere could safely slow down global warming without unwanted side effects. It said ...
MindBullet logo WELCOME TO EARTH 2.0
Geo-engineering creates a new environment for a smart planet
Dateline: 21 September 2027
Our planet couldn't cope with all the demands our modern civilization placed on it. So we built a new one. Welcome to Earth 2.0. A new planet for a new, ...
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