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China's frozen food craze
Posted: 29 July 2014

This article in the New York Times magazine gives great insight into the birth of Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, what I like to call an "innovateur":

"His first patent covered a production process for the balls themselves; a second was for the packaging that would protect them from freezer burn. Soon enough, Chen realized that both innovations could be applied to pot stickers, too. And so in 1992, against the advice of his entire family, Chen, then 50, quit his hospital job, rented a small former print shop and started China’s first frozen-food business. He named his fledgling dumpling company Sanquan, which is short for the “Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China” — the 1978 gathering that marked the country’s first steps toward the open market."

In 1995 only 7% of urban Chinese households had refrigerators; by 2007 it was 95%. That illustrates the incredibly rapid transition to western style urban lifestyles in China, which will give impetus to the scenario described in this MindBullet. I'm not too sure about the global warming angle, but food, fuel and inflation seems highly likely.

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