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Pressures mount for the professions...
Posted: 18 May 2011

All the professions are facing mounting challenges to their age old business models, reservation of work and fees. Some are engaging in active debates on what the future may hold and how to create the ideal future business but sadly, many seem oblivious to the threats and just hope that these challenges will run out of steam. Medical practitioners, lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and others will all need to accept that step changes will occur, life as they know and maybe prefer it will change and although scary to the uninitiated, the future will be exciting!

Big Four auditors face OFT consultation
18 May 2011
• KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y and PwC audit 99% of FTSE 100 firms• OFT suspects market has features which 'restrict, distort or prevent competition'• Move could ...
Move over Big Four, Google's the new automated kid on the block
Dateline: 20 October 2010
Today, a ground-breaking technology was launched that will change the face of auditing forever. In a monumental press conference, Google announced their ...
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