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2010 World Cup in South Africa
Posted: 21 February 2008

Already there are letters to newspaper editors from prominent black South Africans questioning the rationale of the world cup in South Africa. The electricity issue is one stumbling block but there are larger political issues with the spilt in ANC leadership and the lack of critical decision making by the country's political leaders on issues of crime and state corporate governance.
If South Africa loses the world cup it will be an international tragedy that will affect not only the region but will enhance negative world perceptions about the financial and political instability of Africa as a continent.
Loss of the 2010 world cup must not be allowed to happen.

ANC unity crumbles as majority alliance splits
Dateline: 2 May 2009
The May Day celebrations were muted this year as ANC factions licked their wounds and tried to determine what the Good News message could be to members and the electorate after their acrimonious split at the party conference ten days ago. A year of crippling strikes has already delayed construction of major facilities for next year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa and been the catalyst for ...
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