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Keeping ahead of the pack - just
Posted: 22 March 2018

One of the harsh realities of today's business world is that competitors are on your heels, 24 hours a day, sevenj days a week. Launching a new innovation gives only a brief advantage before competitors catch up or even overtake.
So the world was astonished when Amazon last year launched its 'Amazon Go' technology which enables shoppers to just walk out of an Amazon store with payment happening automatically to their Amazon account - no tills, no checkout.
But it was only a matter of months before Walmart brought out its own version - and now restaurant chain Wagamama and Mastercard have partnered to do the same. What next, Amazon?

Wagamama partners Mastercard for 'walk out and pay' app
22 March 2018
Diners at pan-Asian restaurant wagamama will soon be able to save valuable minutes thanks to a new app, developed with Mastercard, that lets them pay for their meal by simply walking out of the building.
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