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Or just print it!
Posted: 14 March 2010

In Pisa, Italy, mad genius Enrico Dini is building sandcastles on the moon. His giant 3-D printer is the first of its kind with the potential to print whole buildings, and it makes them out of solid rock, cutting down a thousand-year-long process into a few minutes. It uses sand, but someday it'll use moon dust.

Housing shortage set to be eradicated by 'treehouses'
Dateline: 14 June 2019
Using new technology developed by DuPont scientists you can now grow your own home in three weeks. The starter pack comes complete with a DNA blueprint for the house design, and is activated by modest amounts of electricity and plenty of water. The fully grown 'treehouse' has solid walls, transparent windows, as well as plumbing and electrical wiring made from cellulose. Essentially organic ...
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