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3D printing itself faces exponential disruption
Posted: 14 June 2015

And so 3D printing moved to the mainstream, and became an exponential technology that is radicalizing manufacturing. Then the world of future shock reality strikes again....suddenly a new technique that can make 3D printing itself exponentially more efficient and fast emerges. Just watch this...

Continuous liquid interface production of 3D objects
14 June 2015
Although three-dimensional (3D) printing is now possible using relatively small and low-cost machines, it is still a fairly slow ...
No more paper or ink, but everything else goes
Dateline: 17 June 2012
I spent a frustrating few days at the World Printing Industry Showcase in Beijing this weekend. As an old-timer of the printing industry, I simply didn't ...
Neil Jacobsohn Interesting when a technology hits the mainstream press. Read this article from the Washington Post for a good review of the impact this radical new technique in 3D printing could have.

And the second link takes us to Dubai, where plans are afoot to build an entire office block with 3D printing.

How will your business be affected by a dramatic shift in manufacturing and materials?
Posted: 2 July 2015 at 09:17
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