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America last
Posted: 26 June 2018

As our MindBullet suggested last year, the one who starts a trade war, often shoots himself in the foot. Now Harley-Davidson (how American can you get?) is moving out. More will follow; people who are stuck in the old industrial era mindset just don't get that the paradigm has changed. Capital, skills and jobs have never been more mobile. The only way to reverse globalization, is to reverse prosperity - for all.

‘American success story’ Harley-Davidson to shift production out of U.S. to avoid Trump’s trade war
26 June 2018
The EU’s tariffs retaliating against Trump’s steel and aluminum levies will cost Harley about $2,200 per bike shipped to Europe
Global downturn follows isolationist resurgence
Dateline: 7 March 2021
Brexit, Trump and now Le Pen. As the old, established economies turn inward and nationalist, global trade and co-operation suffer. It's been left to the ...
Doug Vining America Last again: Tesla says it will build a factory in China that can produce 500,000 cars a year:
Posted: 11 July 2018 at 22:02
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