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Made in space
Posted: 2 March 2016

Again it seems we have an uncanny knack to foresee the future! Or maybe someone is getting business ideas from our MindBullets? In 2014 we suggested that it would be easier to print large objects in space rather than launch them into orbit from the ground. Made in Space says it's feasible within five years.

NASA, Made in Space Think Big with Archinaut, a Robotic 3D-Printing Demo
2 March 2016
Within five years, companies could begin in-orbit manufacturing and assembly of communications satellite reflectors or other large structures, according to ...
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...
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