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Market Instruments
Posted: 7 August 2006

If we assume that different companies use different Nuclear technologies, and we assume that utility markets are deregulated (which won't happen in South Africa very soon thanks to the Electricity Regulation Act) then there is a possibility that consumers could vote with their socially responsible and environmentally conscious "dollars/euros" to support companies which produce very low quantities of Plutonium as a by-product of their commercial reactors. This is a variation on the Greenbucks theme.

This point/argument was made (although not very clearly) in an article posted on,1282,68045,00.html

"The tactic has worked before. For instance, in the 1980s the tuna industry switched to fishing methods that killed fewer dolphins after consumers stopped buying cans missing the "dolphin safe" label."

Indian breakthrough changes focus of nuclear frenzy
Dateline: 11 October 2009
Indian engineers seem to have set the cat amongst the pigeons of the nuclear energy industry. Yesterday, in a Mumbai press briefing hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the newly-formed INEF announced that a new breakthrough would make nuclear reactors fuelled by thorium a commercial reality within three years. India's growth in nuclear energy has always been constrained due to their ...
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