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Fake meat is not impossible
Posted: 24 March 2017

"For two years, Impossible Foods founder and CEO Patrick Brown managed to keep a pretty good secret.
While food industry analysts guessed at when innovative meat-alternative companies would be able to scale their production, Brown and his team quietly continued tinkering away at the taste of their faux-beef product—made of wheat, coconut oil, potatoes, and heme, an iron-containing compound found in plants and meat.
But Brown has now decided to pull the trigger. In an announcement today, the Bay Area company said it was close to finishing a large-scale production facility in Oakland, California that can produce as much as 1 million lb (454,000 kg) of meatless meat a month. Assuming a patty that’s the same weight as what’s in erstwhile rival McDonald’s famous flagship bun… well, that’s a lot of burgers."

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