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Deep Learning coming from Facebook?
Posted: 13 August 2015

Facebook is the social media network where you can see plenty of pictures and videos of cats, plus things you don't want to know about people you don't know, right?
Well, yes, Facebook is that. But it is also in a race with Google and other companies to develop "deep learning" - intelligent computer systems that can read our voices and faces, and that we can communicate with through language rather than keyboards.
And Facebook is also advanced in its plans to flight networks of solar-powered aircraft, with a wingspan bigger than commercial jets, that will circle for three months at a time above the flight path of ordinary aircraft, and provide Internet access to everyone on earth.
These are the MTPs - the Massively Transformative Purposes - that are driving the new tech giants. Yes, their plans will increase their business and make their markets bigger, but they will also benefit all mankind.
What's your company's MTP? - and remember, superior shareholder returns is not a purpose, it's an outcome! We explore this with our clients in our theme "Thriving Inside the Perfect Storm", and help them reconfigure their company's direction and purpose.

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