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Never charge your phone again
Posted: 27 January 2005

This will be wonderfully convenient; beautiful technology.
But will it make the world as a whole a better place to live in?Living in Africa ,I fear that the world of tomorrow will be devided between the high tech beneficiaries of developed countries and the have-nots in Africa who will be light years behind by 2011. The gap between these two worlds is increasing by the day, because of famine, political stupidity and general backwardness.
Monumental efforts will be required to bring this African continent technologically on par with the developed world.

New nanotechnologies set to scramble battery makers
Dateline: 15 August 2011
From a consumer point of view Motorola's new technology announcements may just mean more convenience. For battery manufacturers this could be the death-knell to their industry. Motorola's new smart phones have integrated wiring made out of carbon nano-tubes. These new materials are so efficient at conducting electrical current that your phone will be able to get all the power it needs via ...
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