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Changes in the way we organise our lives
Posted: 11 February 2010

I like this, but I had one thought. It seems to me that as the use of comms has increased the battleground that results is one between the traditional ways of organizing work - 9-5, central work locations and Victorian approaches and new ways where people conduct work and personal lives on a 23-hour basis and switch seamlessly between then as well as lines between work and non-work life becoming blurred. The battle over the technology growth is also an attempt to reclaim the certainty and safety of traditional corporate structures and hierarchies.

Resistance to digital media spreads
Dateline: 3 November 2015
With every new interactive innovation, with each new communications device, so interconnectedness grows - leaving very little time for face-to-face relationships. It is estimated that in first-world countries people now spend an average of more than ten hours a day connected to the internet; working, being educated or entertained, or playing games. No one's quite sure how we got to this ...
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