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Skyfarms for the win
Posted: 1 August 2012

Five years ago we published this MindBullet about urban farming - mainly indoor farming of fruit and vegetables for restaurants and supermarkets in the very same city blocks. Now it's happening on a corporate scale:

"BrightFarms announced a deal with The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., or A&P, to provide New York City-grown vegetables to the local chain's supermarkets year-round. The goods will grow in what the company says will be the country's largest rooftop greenhouse farm, a high-tech hydroponic operation that will boost yields, allowing the company to face-off with organic vegetables trucked from California, cutting thousands of miles from the supply chain while aiming to provide a fresher product at a competitive price."

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Neil Jacobsohn And similar experiments are being run in Paris in grow, of all things, bananas right in the City of Lights!
Posted: 8 August 2012 at 18:10
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