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SpaceX takes a giant leap
Posted: 7 June 2010

On Friday 4 June 2010, SpaceX demonstrated the future of privately funded commercial space travel. The first (test) launch of the Falcon 9 rocket operated flawlessly, putting a Dragon spacecraft into orbit at about 260km altitude.
This is the same craft that will be used for sending cargo and crew to the International Space Station under contract to NASA, and could conceivably develop into a space tourism opportunity.

Space tourism and satellite launches compete for profits
Dateline: 27 September 2015
The race to launch a successful private space business has been won - and the victor, surprisingly, is not Virgin's Sir Richard Branson, but a 40-year-old internet entrepreneur from Pretoria, South Africa. Elon Musk, who became a billionaire from co-founding PayPal, has successfully flown three flights of tourists just over 200 kms into space in his Falcon 9T rocket - an orbital flight high ...
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