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The internet of flying things
Posted: 14 August 2014

Now there's a flight recorder for your personal drone. Not only does it record and send telemetry about the flight, but it's also connected to the internet. So your friends can see where you're flying.

"'Both Amit and I have been flying quadcopters for recreational purposes for a long time now, and we always wondered why can’t we see and play with one another and with other drone hobbyists. It felt like there’s a whole social dimension that is currently missing,' explains Yariv Bash, who, along with his co-founder, Amit Regev, conceived of the idea behind Flytrex Live."

Flytrex Live Is An Internet-Connected ‘Black Box’ For Your Personal Drone | TechCrunch
14 August 2014
Personal drone enthusiasts -- specifically, those who like flying quadcopters -- have a new way to make the experience a lot more social. Meet the ...
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