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3D printing: A licence to print money?
Posted: 7 April 2013

In today's Sunday Times Magazine there is a short snippet headed "Human skulls are being 3D printed". Here's the gist of it:

"Hasn't Damien Hirst been doing that for years? This isn't art. An American man has just had the first 3D-printed skull replacement.
"Clearly he wasn't well. Remind me, what's a 3D printer. One of those super high-tech machines that assembles things in layers.
"And this chap has had a new skull? 75% new, yes. It was 3D printed and the surgeons fitted it - the first operation of its kind.
"Is it made from bone? No. High-performance thermo plastic.
"I wonder what other organs you can 3D print? Start ups are researching that - everything from bone s to stem-cells.
"Sounds lucrative. State-approved licences in the US could be worth $100m for each bone type.
"A licence to print money, you might say."

And we wrote about it in this MindBullet almost ten years ago!

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