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Tesla shooting for the stars
Posted: 25 October 2018

It seems that we didn't need Google to save the electric car, Tesla has done it all on its own, with a little bit of that unpredictable Elon Musk magic. With plenty of pent-up demand for Tesla cars, as long as they can keep up the delivery rate, it looks like Tesla might be able to do what no other automaker has done - make a sustainable business out of producing electric vehicles. And soon they'll be making them in Shanghai too!

Tesla stocks soar after posting profit, defying Elon Musk’s critics
25 October 2018
Analysts had been universally sceptical of Elon Musk’s promise of a third-quarter profit, but he delivered on the back of strong Model 3 sales
Google acquires Tesla to produce electric robocars
Dateline: 3 November 2017
Looking to expand into seriously big markets and build on its experience with robots and driverless cars, Google has announced that it is acquiring Tesla. ...
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