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Mobile operators create open apps
Posted: 14 February 2010

Orange, AT&T and ten others have created an alliance to create an open technology platform for apps - targeting Apple's dominance.

If this takes off it could spell a major blow to Apple's opportunity as outlined in this MindBullet - Apple really could own the 'world of apps' if it decide to open up its platforms to other manufacturers - once the cat is out of the bag it may be too late.

Smartphones empower millions of small entrepreneurs
Dateline: 11 April 2012
Today Gartner revealed that the mobile application industry (or Apps for short) is a global software industry that is worth more than Google. Obscure and low-key third-party applications on the iPhone started it all. Apps to find and book restaurants in your immediate vicinity, locate friends and more bizarre Apps such as iBeer (see picture) found millions of users at prices ranging from ...
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