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The formula for success
Posted: 28 January 2019

Last year we published a MindBullet that said innovation is not a good idea, meaning that you need more than just a great idea to be successful. This concept has now been 'vindicated' by scientists, physicists no less, who say that success (and by implication successful innovation) is a product of a good idea and a high-quality ability to execute on that idea. QED!

Physicists Have Discovered a Formula for Success, and It Contains a Brutal Truth
28 January 2019
From Reese Witherspoon to Jeff Bezos, those who are super successful in their chosen domain accept this truth.
It's about working on a really great problem
Dateline: 5 April 2023
You might have a great idea, and be obsessed with it, to the extent that you can't sleep, can barely eat, and all your conscious hours are spent on ...
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