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California gets it
Posted: 19 October 2006

AlwaysOn Announces New Executive Event: GoingGreen!
October 18, 2006
GoingGreen 2007 will take place at the University of California, Davis, in September, 2007

AlwaysOn's new two-and-a-half-day executive summit illuminates developments and trends in green technology. GoingGreen will feature the most innovative companies, eminent researchers and influential investors in keynote presentations, panel debates and private company CEO showcases. GoingGreen's goal is to identify the most promising entrepreneurial opportunities and investments in the global green-tech industry. Emerging green technology sectors include agriculture, energy, architecture, transportation, manufacturing and waste management.

Sweden leads the race to go green as consumers shun 'dirty' products
Dateline: 8 June 2012
Carbon credits are dead - long live greenbucks! It finally dawned on eco-conscious consumers in the West that their old habit of outsourcing polluting production processes to the East was backfiring on their ideals. At the same time the EU dropped the unworkable carbon tax - carbon credit scheme in favor of direct support for green industries. The shift has caught some manufacturers by ...
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