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Can IBM come back?
Posted: 1 July 2014

In a fascinating battle, IBM and Amazon fight it out to win a massive CIA 'big data' contract...and Amazon wins hands down. Has IBM simply miscalculated in one bid or does this suggest something far more serious is unfolding? Can the elephant still dance in the supper fast world of cloud, big data, new services and changing value propositions? IBM's positioning as the leader of our smart world seems it might be at risk...and few would have seen Amazon as its main competitor.

Amazon CIA cloud row: US judge slaps down IBM as 'manipulative', inferior
1 July 2014
Big Blue thwacked for attempts to game the $600m bidding process
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Dateline: 1 February 2013
Almost all of IBM's server business now comes from just four customers - Google, Microsoft, Tata and Amazon - these are the companies that dominate ...
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