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The benefits of a world w/o Wal-Mart
Posted: 15 November 2009

There could be some creative consequences and implications on business and the economy.

These days people do not want to pay more for products in order to help the environment, and anyway this could add massively to inflation world-wide. Inflation might even be be 2-3% higher if all retailers were to run by the same rules!

Imagine the new creative solutions that retailers might come up with if such regulation emerged! Who could be the new winners? What would happen to e-tailing?

Wal-Mart sacrificed in climate change battle
Dateline: 12 December 2020
An announcement today confirmed that Wal-Mart is filing for bankruptcy. Wal-Mart’s legendary promise of "Always Low Prices. Always." proved unable to cope with the financial burden of direct carbon taxation. This could be a sorry end to the great retail giant's history. After the hottest year on record, all the major economies signed the Global Carbon Contract (GCC) at Davos in 2014. The ...
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