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Thriving on Turbulence
Ten Lessons from the Future
What our clients say
"Anton, I was reminded of how much energy you have. Inspiring and challenging as ever."
Scott Cormack, KPMG Lead Global Nestle Partner

"Thanx again for your contribution to making our event such a huge success! The feedback has been resounding."
Valdy Brinkman : XON Technologies

"I would just like to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding presentation yesterday. The feedback from the group was very positive and I think it helped many of the groups gain a new perspective on their Action Learning Projects."
Conrad Viedge WITS Business School

"We were amazed by your presentation - it was very very good! We now realise that scenario thinking is not a choice, it is a MUST!"
Feedback from delegates to the SA√ŹD Business School Programme for the Deloitte M&A EMEA team, Athens, October 2008

"Without this process, Deloitte's own revenues would be R260m less."
Vassi Naidoo (2005) - Former CEO, Deloitte SA

Kerushan Govender

Business development specialist

Having started out as an academic teaching Business Statistics to MBAs, Kerushan entered the corporate world by being selected as one of twenty professionals across Europe, the Middle-East and Africa to participate in a rigorous global training academy. After a year of intense training abroad, the academy produced business development specialists for one of the world's strongest brands.

Kerushan's diverse experience (acquired locally and abroad) includes running a start-up, teaching at a university, a stint in investment banking, hosting a radio show, and several years in the IT industry (both at small business and multinational levels). Equipped with a keen eye to detect the levers that expand business, Kerushan thrives on driving revenue through smart business development activity.

Passionate about global trends and the future, his latest brainchild is a model that brings together statistical prediction and scenario analysis.

With a frank and enthusiastic manner, Kerushan is a strong advocate of presenting legitimate information in a well-researched and credible fashion.

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