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FutureWorld (South Africa) is an operating company within the FutureWorld International network. In spirit and execution FutureWorld is a virtual, fractal business network that harnesses global best-of-breed resources for its clients.

FutureWorld differentiates itself through the unique qualities of its research and synthesis, practical application and its passionate communication skills.

FutureWorld's network of gurus encompasses top business leaders who are re-writing the rules of business for the new economy. They speak passionately about the challenges and opportunities of the new economy, sharing leading-edge thinking, illustrated with exciting practical insights gleaned from their own experience. 

FutureWorld's focus is centered around a profound 3-step realization process:

1. Understand the Future: 
 A series of diverse and powerful strategic inputs creates divergent Strategic Thinking. Synthesis by individuals and the group allows everyone to come to their own conclusions about the future. Action scenarios build understanding of the causes and consequences of alternative futures.

2. Design your Future: 
We realize that the future is a matter of choice, not chance! Radical innovation results from thought leadership. Individuals are encouraged to make deliberate choices about their future and follow these with an insightful design process - we call it personal Strategic Design through Convergent Thinking!

3. Create your Future: 
This third step takes Strategic Thinking and turns it into Strategic Action - powerful practical insights, the essential steps required for breakthrough actions - based on a 'future perfect' view of markets and the emergent business opportunities. Looking backwards from the future to today, individuals ask: "How on earth did I get here from where I was then?" In the end it's a powerful 'pull' into an economically relevant future.

Now, meet the gurus!

Contact our operations guru, Cherie van Heerden, to match our gurus' skills and experience to your speaking and/or facilitation requirements.
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Professor Andy Andrews - Henley Management College (UK) and IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain) and a FutureWorld Associate. 

Andy is widely regarded as an outstanding communicator with vast experience in strategy, management and the challenges of corporate growth. He is working with clients in South Africa, Europe and the United States.

He studied at the universities of Rhodes, Cape Town, Harvard and Stanford and obtained a BCom (Rhodes) and a MBA (UCT). He completed his PhD in Finance and Strategy while a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School in 1978/79. He held executive positions in industry and then joined the University of the Witwatersrand where he was appointed as a Professor and elected Dean of the Wits Business School. He held that position from 1981 until 1989.

He was the founder of the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology, which introduced the Henley MBA programme into South Africa.

Andy has published widely has received several awards including "Most Admired Business School Professor" and one of the "Four Outstanding Young South Africans". He has served on the boards of several companies and has served as President of the Harvard Business School Club of South Africa since 1984. 

"There is no such thing as a bad industry or a bad company. There are only managers who do not understand strategy and who cannot implement what is required for exceptional performance"

Wolfgang Grulke - Founder and Chairman, FutureWorld 

A former IBM executive, Wolfgang worked internationally with IBM for more than 25 years and was awarded the prestigious IBM Outstanding Innovation Award by the Chairman of the Board, Frank Cary, in London in 1983. He was founder and CEO of the Business Futures Group and started FutureWorld as an informal business network in 1987. Since that time he has been instrumental in helping major corporations and venture capital firms position themselves for the new world economy. 

He has addressed audiences in more than 20 countries, in person, on radio and on television.  His article In Search of Simplicity won the NACCA award for the best business article of the year and From Value Chain to Marketspace was awarded the AFSM International Writing Award for Professional Writers and Consultants in Boston in October 1997. Wolfgang is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School  and teaches regularly on a number of programmes including the School's flagship Senior Executive Programme (SEP).

His previous best-seller "Ten Lessons from the Future" was published in South Africa in June 2000 and in the USA and UK in December 2000. It is currently being translated into Spanish and Chinese for launch in those markets later this year. He has just published a new book Lessons in Radical Innovation: South Africans leading the world and an international edition of this book Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out-of-the-box straight to the bottom line will be published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall in Europe and the USA in March 2002.

"It is no longer possible to learn just from experience - in this warp-speed world, it has become essential to learn from the future!"

Graeme Codrington - COO and Generational expert at FutureWorld, and founder of The EDGE Consulting 

Graeme is a powerful and entertaining presenter and a leading expert on generational theory. He has a particular passion for the next generation, so called 'Generation X'. He consults to a wide range of major corporations and organizations, helping them to learn from Gen X, understand, retain and get the most out of Gen X employees, and market to their Ghen X customers. He also helps Gen Xers maximize their impact on the world.

Graeme is a designer of active learning experiences and works as a consultant to a number of organizations who focus on human development. He is also a director of Spellbound Education, working on a new approach to developing a generation of young people ready to succeed in the global economy.

Graeme was the founder of The EDGE Consulting, an organization which does research into generational culture, creating resources specifically focused on helping adults understand and connect with young people. 

In addition to his role as guru within the FutureWorld Network, Graeme currently acts as COO of FutureWorld (South Africa).

"The biggest challenge facing the over-30 year olds is coming to terms with the ease at which young people have adapted to ever-changing world. Learn from your kids - they're the best teachers you've got at the moment."

Schoeman Rudman - Business and Strategy Consultant, Momentum and a FutureWorld associate

Schoeman was formerly IBM's Director of Electronic Business in the worldwide Insurance Business Unit in New York and, while with CSC Europe, he was responsible for the establishment of OASIS, a joint venture company with Hollard Insurance, and for developing new age strategies for the provision of employee benefits in Europe.

Most of Schoeman's early business experience was with Momentum Life. Here, as General Manager of Operations, his vision of image-based business processes helped steer the company from a traditional hierarchy to becoming South Africa's most customer-friendly financial services business based on flat structures using multi-skilled, self-directed teams. Schoeman returned to work with Momentum as a strategic advisor late in 2000. 

He has addressed audiences world-wide on the subject of business re-definition, focusing on areas from electronic workflow to the paperless office, from performance management to change management. 

"The new world is no longer about what you know, but what you do. It is the survival of the fastest. You must intuitively understand the future and continuously shape yourself in order to survive!"

Anton Musgrave - MD of Wealth Planning, Citadel Investment Services, and a FutureWorld associate.

Citadel is an innovative wealth management business for high net worth private individuals, managing funds in excess of R6,5 billion. In this business the use of new technologies and the WWW is a key factor in the businesses global aspirations and the need to communicate fast and effectively to all clients about the global investment environment, a really fast moving market!

Anton also practiced as a commercial attorney for many years, He obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Univ. of Cape Town in 1992, winning a number of awards, and then a degree in Tax Practice from RAU. 

As Vice Chairman of the Property Law Group, he endeavoured to strategically restructure and reposition the property and conveyancing industry in South Africa to be relevant, competitive and sustainable in the information age. 

As recent President of the South African Property Owners Association, Anton restructured the organization to include all industry role-players, and introduced the significant use of internet technology to create a virtual community of a wide diversity of property related business and professionals. 

More recently he was the Managing Director of the Broll Property Group, Broking and Projects, a major property management, broking and development consultancy company.  

Anton is also an associate of FutureWorld, advising businesses globally on the imperatives of the new knowledge economy and related strategic consequences. He has an excellent understanding of a wide range of industries, from services, the professions, property and related industries, law, financial services, and travel. His other interests include scuba diving and underwater photography, wildlife, yachting, golf and international travel.

Anton regularly presents to global audiences from a wide range of industries in a wide range of jurisdictions, from Mexico to Malaysia, USA to UK and beyond!

"Strategic success is created by thousands of small individual and almost imperceptible actions that permeate a business' psyche - developing into an invincible team spirit that captures all before it!"

JP Landman - Respected Policy and Trend Analyst  and a FutureWorld Associate

JP's  specialization is the influence of global and national trends on the South African economy and on government policies. 

Following a top-down approach, he is also a consultant to leading stock-broking houses - analyzing and interpreting the influence of macro-trends on the financial markets. 

A former editor of the financial publications, Finance Week and Finansies & Tegniek, he remains a regular columnist for two daily newspapers and a monthly news magazine. 

As an analyst on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, JP Landman was twice voted into the number one position for his analysis of politics and industrial relations. He topped the Financial Mail survey in 1998 and again in 1999.

JP is a popular speaker with business and financial audiences and gives presentations on political-economic trends and how they affect our environment.

"Political and economic trend analyses: the facts you will not read in the media!"

Aletha Ling - Director responsible for Strategy, MGX, and a FutureWorld Associate  

Aletha has long been a recognized leader in South Africa's software and services industry, was the founder of Software Futures (together with Anne Czerner) and has steered the company to become one of South Africa's most admired players. Software Futures' slogan 'Radical Innovation' has become synonymous with their attitude to the market. Previously she was Managing Director of CCH, Software Executive for IBM South Africa, business manager of ISG's Software and Business Consulting Group and Managing Director of Polygon Systems.

"It is clear that the businesses who will thrive in the future will be those who unleash the power of technology-enabled business innovation"  

Louis Fourie - Chairman, Citadel Group and a FutureWorld Associate and Director

Louis is an economist by profession. He has gained broad recognition for his practical and digestible communications style and for his easy manner in assisting business leaders to understand the implications of the tectonic economic shifts facing them. He is a founder member and currently chairman of Citadel, one of South Africa's fastest growing wealth management companies. 

"Respect the power of change and change will empower you."

Neil Jacobsohn - CEO, Johnnic e-Ventures, and a FutureWorld Associate

Neil is regarded as one of the great innovators in the South African media industry. He was instrumental in creating I-Net Bridge, a powerful alliance of leading South African and international content and technology companies. 

I-Net Bridge provides decision-makers with news, market data, quotes, statistics and research over the Internet. I-Net has become the dominant South African electronic provider of information to the market, with some 4,000 users in 260 top financial institutions. 

During 2000 he was appointed to head up the development of  Johnnic's new business ventures.

"Change is traumatic - but properly harnessed, one of the most creative forces on earth."

Pieter Geldenhuys - Managing Director of Tenders.co.za  and a FutureWorld Associate

Pieter has created several  'dotcom' businesses, is Chairman of the City.za Network and an extraordinary Lecturer in Technology Management at the University of Potchefstroom Business School.

Pieter is an electronics engineer by profession, and an Internet strategist at heart! He has more than 100 radio appearances under his belt in his weekly programme "Internet Paradigm Shift Project" on South Africa's Radio RSG, one of the world's leading converged radio stations, distributing their content also via the WWW, television and mobile phones, as well as through the traditional broadcast medium. 

He is well known for his presentations on the future impact of the Internet on all aspects of society.

Brand Pretorius - Chief Executive, McCarthy Retail, and a FutureWorld Associate

Brand is Chief Executive of McCarthy Retail Limited, with an annual turnover in excess of R7bn. Under his stewardship, McCarthy Retail has launched innovative forays into the new economy, including Call-a-car and MegaShopper. Previously he was Managing Director of Toyota SA Marketing and established Toyota South Africa as the market leader in terms of both sales and customer satisfaction. 

Brand is a past president of the South African Institute of Marketing Management.  He is a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Economic Council and serves on the main board of the National Business Initiative. Among his many national awards are Communicator of the Year (1994), Automobile Man of the Year and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Business Communication by the SA Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (1997).  In May 1999, in a survey done by the Professional Management Review, he was identified as the most admired leader in the South African Motor Industry.

"The ever-accelerating advancement of information technology and dramatic growth in the application and use of the Internet will lead to fundamental transformation in marketing and retailing over the next decade."

Wikus Marais - Economist, Director of Citadel and a FutureWorld Associate and Director

Wikus graduated as an economist from the University of Pretoria and Cambridge University. He was one of the founder members of Citadel Investment Services where he has been responsible for economic research, investment strategy and asset allocation for billions of Rands of clients' investment funds. 

Wikus is an insightful speaker whose vast grasp of the implications of the new economic fundamentals is at once breathtaking and inspiring.

Chris Marais - CEO and Founder, Spellbound Education and a FutureWorld Associate

Chris is the founder of Spellbound Education, a bold initiative aimed at transforming the educational landscape in South Africa. Spellbound programmes use radical, fun ways to develop the mindsets and attributes that are crucial to success in the "fractal" future. 

Chris originally studied Actuarial Science and in 1993 he co-founded Citadel Investment Services. He was instrumental in formulating the company's unique approach of full disclosure of costs, fee-only remuneration, innovative risk management techniques, new generation investment management systems and comprehensive one-stop financial service. As managing director he helped guide Citadel's rapid expansion and rise to prominence.

Cherie van Heerden is FutureWorld's client relations and operations guru!

Cherie has been involved with development work for the past 11 years. Her experience ranges from research to lecturing, and the appraisal of leadership and corporate governance, as well as effective and efficient service delivery.

Cherie will be able to match your needs with the skills available in the FutureWorld guru network, book their diaries and handle any queries you may have. 

You can contact her via e-mail on cherie@futureworld.co.za or on her mobile +27 (083) 604 0344 or fax her on +27 (011)  646 9039.


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